Hair Transplant for Congenital Temporal Triangular Alopecia

CTTA - temporal alopecia

Hair loss patch of Congenital Temporal Triangular Alopecia

We just had a hair transplant surgery for a child with Congenital Temporal Triangular Alopecia (CTTA) yesterday. He had a patch of baldness since birth and it started to bother him at school recently to the degree that he could not even wait until winter break – the time his parents originally planned to get it restored. The procedure went well and we densely packed 470 follicular unit grafts onto the bald patch of his temple area. He is happy and looking forward to the final growth of the grafts in a few months.

Congenital Temporal Triangular Alopecia

After hair transplant -- post op picture is added later to the original post

Congenital Temporal Alopecia is a patchy hair loss condition which is generally present at birth in form of a patch of hair loss on the child’s temple. The balding patch may consist of very fine hair. This non-scarring alopecia has been reported to respond well to hair transplant surgery.

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One Response to “Hair Transplant for Congenital Temporal Triangular Alopecia”

  1. Dr. Mohebi Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Congenital Temporal Triangular Alopecia (CTTA) is easily treated with hair transplantation. We at US Hair Restoration charge patients with the number of grafts and since patients only need a small number of grafts, the cost falls into our minimum charge category. Having said that you need to have a consultation with me so we can confirm the diagnosis and make sure you are a good candidate for a hair transplant surgery.

    Please feel free to call our office at 1 (888) 302-8747 and schedule your complementary consultation at one of our Southern California offices. If you are contacting from other states, you can send us an inquiry through our website and we contact you to complete your online consultation.
    We look forward to seeing you soon.

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