Scalp Micro Pigmentation 

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is one of the newer cosmetic procedures that is offered in US Hair Restoration offices. SMP utilizes dermal pigments that match the patient’s hair color. These pigments are introduced into the scalp improving the appearance of the balding areas. It may also be used for a variety of other purposes. An SMP procedure can be done with or without local anesthesia. This depends on the location and size of the area that needs micro pigmentation.


When performing a Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure we utilize very fine needles to induce the pigments into the superficial layers of the skin and below the epidermis. The most common indication of medical micropigmentation is to create the shade of hair similar to what could be seen in a shaved head or to create the shapes of hair stubble. Many men shave their head to hide their male patterned baldness. However, the lack of the shadow from shaved hair shafts makes balding apparent on sight. Utilizing SMP, we can re-create the shade of stubble hair in balding areas. This provides the patient with a masculine military type look instead of the appearance of male pattern baldness. 



                                                             Before                                   After 

SMP Indications: 
  • Improving the appearance of male patterned baldness in men who want to shave their head

  • Enhancing the appearance of the thickness of hair after hair transplant when there is a mismatch in hair supply and demand

  • Minimizing the visibility of scalp scars including the scars of previous hair transplants

  • Enhancing the appearance of scalp hair in women with female patterned hair loss

SMP can be designed to match a completely shaved head or short hair depending on the patients styling needs. Like any cosmetic medical procedure the results are only as good as the operator and his/her artistic skills.



SMP an Alternative to Topical Hair Products


One of the great applications of SMP is in the patients who used microfibers such as Toppik on a regular basis to minimize the visibility of the scalp through their thinning hair. SMP eliminates the need to use microfibers. Microfiber or other topical products can be messy and be transferred onto clothing, sheets or pillow cases. 


What conditions could benefit from SMP


SMP can be used to help in various hair loss conditions such as:

  • Genetic androgenic alopecia (AGA) otherwise known as male pattern balding (MPB) in men and women

  • Alopecia Areata or its more severe type Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis

  • Scarring alopecia’s from a variety of inflammatory diseases of the scalp (e.g. alopecia areata, alopecia totalis)

  • Hypo-pigmentation in the donor area after a FUE procedure


Scalp Micro Pigmentation is usually not permanent and requires touch ups in the future to keep its best shape and color. Some patients may need more than one procedure to obtain the optimum result.



SMP Costs
The cost of the Scalp Micro Pigmentation has to do with the size and location of the area that requires treatment. The SMP Cost will be discussed with the patient after the initial evaluation by the doctor.